Montreal, Canada, Book Release Party

Join Author, Stewart Dean Ebersole, at Le Nouveau Soundcentral in Montreal for an evening of stories, photographs, and rocking out.

In October of 2009, Ebersole and his travel partner, photo assistant, and interviewer, Jorge Brito, dropped in on SoundCentral Record Store in Montreal, Quebec, to meet, photograph, interview people with Montreal with The Bars tattooed on themselves long before it was cool to do so (and maybe it still isn't cool to do so). What we found was an amazing place, amazing people and stories galore. After a persisting friendship with Shawn and Jody, those who continue to run SoundCentral Records and Cafe, I am proud to announce that Barred For Life will be revisiting the scene of that crime next weekend.

Author, Stewart Dean Ebersole, will be on hand to discuss the 2009 tour and the evolution of Barred For Life. Books, including a limited number the extremely limited edition hardcover versions, will be for sale, as well. Musical entertainment will be provided by local Punk Rock heroes, LAUREATE, and, as you can imagined, thousands-upon-thousands of records will be for sale at the shop. Bring your drawing (as in art) skills for a competition to wind a free copy of Barred For Life.

Again, the date is next Sunday, March 23rd, 2014 from 3:30 thru 6:30 pm at Le Nouveau SoundCentral Records (see flier above). SoundCentral Records is located at 4486 Coloniale in Montreal. The store can be reached at +1.514.393.4495. Hope to see all of my eastern Canadian friends there.


Hit the links below to read uncut and lightly edited interviews with Black Flag's second (and fifth) singer, Ron Reyes, and Black Flag's thrid signer, and then second guitar player, Dez Cadena. These interviews were conducted in 2009, long before any talk of Black Flag or FLAG had happened. The interviews are solid with information about the early days of Black Flag and the importance of having been in one of the most awe inspiring bands of 80's hardcore music.

Stewart Dean Ebersole
Project Creator and Photographer